Math Skills:

  • Identify numbers and place value on them
  • Count from 1-10
  • Count objects individually
  • Recognize shapes (circle, square,    rectangle, and triangle)

 Literacy Skills::

  • Familiarity with books (books are read beginning to end and left to right)
  • Understand difference between words and pictures
  • Identify 17 letters of alphabet
  • Recite simple nursery rhyme
  • Recognize some environmental words such as “Stop”

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness:

  • Recognize rhyming sounds
  • Identify letter sound relationship

​Is My child ready for kindergarten?

Good Communication Skills:

  • Speak in complete sentences

  • Be easily understood

  • Say name, parents names and birthday

  • Follow multi-step (2-step) instructions​

Appropriate Behavior:

  • Play well with others
  • Exhibit self-esteem
  • Listen to a story without interrupting


Adequate Self Help Skills:

  • Dress one’s self (button pants, zip coat, tie shoes)
  • Use restroom facilities (flush toilet,    wipe, wash hands )
  • Clean up after him or herself


Social and Emotional

Social and Emotional learning and development refers to a child’s ability to form secure attachments with adults, to display positive interactions with peers, and to develop a healthy concept of their own personal identity.  

Important   Learning  Criteria 

​​Gross Motor Skills/Control:

  • Run, jump, hop, skip
  • Play with a ball
  • Recognize personal space

Fine Motor Skills/Control:

  • Use scissors to cut different shapes
  • Grip a pencil, crayon or marker
  • Trace objects and use glue appropriately

Handwriting skills:

  • Communicate ideas through pictures (draw self-portrait)
  • Write name in capital letters
  • Copy simple shapes​
Congratulations if your child can successfully complete all these important learning criteria, your Child is ready physically, emotionally, and cognitively to separate from you and is likely to have a successful transition into kindergarten. 

Starting kindergarten is a big step for children and their families. All children develop in their own way, but as a parent or childcare provider you can help ensure that your child is successful once they enter school.  Carbon County School District #2 in Cooperation with local Early Childhood Agencies have partnered and developed a set of kindergarten readiness criteria that fall into three areas of learning, which are: 

What Else Can I do? 

Carbon County School District # 2, BOCES, and local Community Early Education Agencies and Stakeholders have developed a series of workshops to align with each of the mentioned readiness criteria, participation in workshops is free to district families.  Please watch for more information on upcoming workshops in the 2016-2017 school year.  

Physical learning and development refers to physical well-being, use of the body, muscle control as well as appropriate nutrition, exercise, and hygiene.  

The term cognitive learning is used to identify the growth and change in intellectual abilities such as thinking and reasoning. Cognitive learning begins in infancy and continues throughout adulthood.