The 4 C's of Early Childhood Education 

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Because preschool goals should be consistent with those of kindergarten,  This program works in conjunction with other early childhood programs throughout the district. We aim to coordinate services to maximize resources, and avoid duplicate efforts, while improving the quality of existing programs, through the collaboration of early education and community agencies. We provide training to stakeholders outlining objectives that we strive for, such as increasing our incoming students' skill level
Community collaboration is essential to ensure that a child is given the appropriate learning foundation.
The program’s ultimate goal  is to improve positive learning outcomes for pre-kindergarten students throughout the district.


For stakeholders in early childhood education, communication is vital in building effective relationships with children and their families.  Common obstacles surrounding communication throughout our district is the inability to communicate effectively, and misinterpreted 
communication. For our program to be successful communications between schools and families should be continuous and ongoing, and easily accessible. This program hopes to eliminate communication barriers, and misinterpretation, that exist throughout the district by providing families with specific information on kindergarten readiness, and providing free workshops to community families, and early education personnel. It is our goal that families and caregivers will use the information presented in these workshops at home, to help ensure their child is reaching essential milestones and is truly ready for kindergarten.  
Coming Soon....Mobile Preschool Teacher

We are seeking a certified preschool instructor who is willing to travel to the small district towns without formal early childhood education, in the capacity of a mobile teacher. Contact us today for more information about available positions.

It is the intent of Carbon County School District #2 and local Early Childhood Agencies to ensure that every child entering kindergarten has an educational foundation on which to stand.  Children who enter school with a broad range of skills and knowledge tend to be more successful in school.  With funding provided by Wyoming State Legislature through Early Childhood Community Partnership Grants. We have developed a three tiered program based on the 4-C's of Early Education. These 4-C's are Criteria, Communication, Collaboration, & Community.

Guest Speakers/Community Professionals

We are seeking community members to help us host parent/family workshops. 


Criteria, the first component of the 4 Cs, and the backbone of the program, it is very important for students to enter kindergarten with certain skills and abilities. However, Kindergarten readiness can be confusing, and is dependent on many factors.  Chronological age, developmental stage, specific academic and social skills, and home/school connections are dynamics associated with determining a child’s level of school readiness. Some very important kindergarten skills are phonological awareness, listening skills, letter recognition, and concepts of print, as well as the need for children to properly hold and use scissors, and pencils. This program has developed a specific list of skills needed for students to be successful in school. The list of readiness skills navigates the 10 Domains of Development, and align closely with the Early Learning Foundations as set forth by the state of Wyoming.